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Master's Degree Programs in Education for Current Educators

Enhance Your Role as an Educator: Non-Licensure Graduate Education Degrees

Wilmington University’s suite of non-licensure master’s degrees in education are designed for licensed teachers looking to deepen their skills and increase their career opportunities. Programs focus on elevating your instruction skills in specific areas, or deepening your expertise in educational technology. The programs may also appeal to bachelor’s degree holders who seek to work in educational positions that do not require state licensure/certification.

Theory and Practice Combine in Well-Rounded Master’s in Education Programs

Whether your goal is to create digital-rich learning environments, to advance culturally diverse literary instruction, to explore best practices for curriculum development and instructional planning, or to develop the nuanced skills needed to teach students with exceptionalities, you’ll study proven-effective, research-based practices that nurture excellence in instruction and assessment.

Accredited Education Programs with Optimum Flexibility

WilmU’s College of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) under NCATE Standards (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education). With flexible course schedules—including online options—and affordable tuition, these master's level education degrees fit your schedule and your budget.

The School Top Educators Choose for Advanced Education Degrees

Top teachers throughout the area choose WilmU. In fact, 56% of Delaware’s public elementary school teachers and 91% of Delaware’s K-12 school leaders have chosen WilmU for higher education.

The Master's in Education for Current Educators program at Wilmington University is CAEP Accredited The College of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Master’s Programs for Current Educators

2020欧洲杯线上娱乐These master’s in education programs are for currently licensed K-12 educators, higher education instructors, private school educators, or those in other related fields. The programs do not lead to initial certification/state licensure.

Required courses and total credits vary based on degree selected.
10-11 courses 30-33 total credits

$1,464 per course

Cost of a typical 3-credit graduate degree course taken at our
Wilson Graduate Center or online. Wilmington University tuition is based on cost-per-credit.
You only pay for the courses you need to complete your master's degree.

WilmU Industry and Career Outlook

Graduates of WilmU College of Education programs are well-prepared for their careers.

100% of Principals/Supervisors indicate WilmU’s graduates are most prepared in designing instruction/learning experiences that account for individual differences and ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment.

91% of Principals indicate that WilmU’s teacher preparation programs prepare graduates to actively pursue, reflect upon, and use professional development opportunities, coaching, and/or mentoring to improve teaching practice.

91% of Principals indicate that graduates from WilmU’s teacher preparation program are fully prepared to work effectively with students from diverse communities, different cultures, and those living in poverty.

I'd been in teaching for about 15 years when I decided to go back and get my master's. I needed to be smarter about technology if I wanted my students to be smarter about the world. Why Wilmington University? Because the scheduling is so flexible for teachers. They totally get teachers. — Lea Wainwright
Graduate Education Degree Testimonial Lea Wainwright

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